I joined Coursera and built the first Canadian Infrastructure team. I helped Engineering with sustainable scaling while maintaining high platform availability (>99.95%). Currently, I’m leading teams who own critical components of developers’ productivity and data-driven product development infrastructure.

I chose to pursue my leadership passion and joined Ritual as a hands-on manager for the partner platform team. Due to the team’s success in rolling out the partner portal, I got the chance to lead two more teams in B2B and B2C segments.

I have always had a passion for platform/infrastructure work. Joining Biblio allowed me to work on key business components and act as a value multiplier. I worked on many projects such as digital asset integration, moving from data-center to cloud, and migrating from Ruby on Rails to Java/Spring Boot.

I could secure my first Canadian position shortly after my immigration. Yuja is multimedia capturing and processing company. I worked on different stacks, such as backend servers, desktop apps on Windows and macOS, and mobile apps on Android and iOS.

As much as I loved the organization I spent 12 years building almost from scratch, I decided to move to a different country and open myself to new experiences and challenges.


Joined the MBA program to learn more about the business side of operations. The program helped me to understand different aspects of the company, such as finance, HR, planning, etc.

After successfully transitioning TPC offerings to a complete SaaS model, I became the leader of the whole Engineering organization.

I had a lot of interest in management, and I got the opportunity to start my career as an Engineering Manager with one team. Over time my team grew, and I ended up in my Engineering Manager role with four teams.

After getting my BSc., I got my first full-time job as Software Engineer working on embedded software development. Later, I started some projects that helped the company move more into the SaaS model.

Started my internship and a later part-time job as Software Engineer in TPC. Mostly focused on embedded Java development.